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Prepare your current workforce with the tools, and skills necessary to compete in the next industry revolution confronting us. It is critical your organization is prepared to "up-skill" and "re-skill" the hard-working, talented people you have employed today. 

Whether you need your team to acquire new skills to enhance their current roles or to equip themselves with the capabilities for new and different roles within your organization, Macomb County is available to guide you down that path. 

Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (MMTC)

In the ever-evolving industry landscape, The Center has developed innovative classes to assist manufacturers in better understanding the benefits of Industry 4.0 technology for successful implementation in their business. Our new courses offered include:

  • Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

  • Digital Process Control

  • Enhanced Operations Management

  • Human Machine Interaction

Visit the MMTC website for additional information,

Macomb Community College (Macomb CC)

Macomb CCC’s workforce development team are experts in strengthening businesses and improving the skills of the region's workforce. Macomb CC's training advisors can work with you directly to determine the training solutions necessary to improve your organization's performance using a variety of assessment tools. Macomb CC will then map out and deliver an affordable, customized training and education plan that meets your unique needs and determine what funding support is available for your business. 

The college’s Applied Technology & Apprenticeship programs are also a valuable option for creating and maintaining a highly skilled workforce, providing training on the latest technology in all the fields that drive modern industry.  Sponsor employees in an existing apprenticeship program or work with us to create your own employee-in-training program.

When you select Macomb Community College for your workforce training and education needs, you are enlisting one of the nation’s leading community colleges. Known for a comprehensive curriculum complemented by a long-standing commitment to strengthening the region’s workforce, Macomb is the community’s first choice for education, enrichment and economic development. We can provide all this and more at any of our college campuses or onsite at your company! Contact us today to get started.

We offer comprehensive Training In:

For more information, contact Workforce Development at 586.498.4100 or

Oakland University (OU)​

Oakland University offers several courses which focus on professional and workforce development for engineers working in industry. These courses emphasis engineering tools and their applications, rather than teaching theory. They are taught by experts from the OU faculty as well as from local industry, and most are open to any engineer (ME, EE, ISE, CE, etc.).

OU offers programs focused on the skills needed for your organization's success,

  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) - Industry 4.0

  • Energy Management

  • Connected World - The Internet Of Things

  • Project Management

  • Industrial Automation


From developing new venues, new tools and new teaching techniques, LIFT’s competency-based, technology-infused talent development program is redefining manufacturing education.

LIFT is a public-private-partnership between government, industry and academia, connecting needs, ideas and people. We connect organizations to move the needle and drive American manufacturing into the future.

Wayne State University (WSU)​

Wayne State University helps companies and employees become smarter, faster and stronger.  The Executive and Professional Development program at WSU provides customized training and development programs leveraging our nearly limitless faculty resources.  These programs address your unique needs and improve individual and organizational capabilities and performance.


Industry 4.0 in Macomb County is supported through our centers in UC (Macomb Community College Main Campus) and ATEC (Warren).  Programs include:

Illitch School of Business Degree Programs (, including:

  • Innovation/Entrepreneurship

  • MBA

  • Information Systems

  • Supply Chain  


College of Engineering Degree Programs (, including:

  • Big Data

  • Cyber Security

  • Alternative Energy

  • Systems Engineering

  • Sustainability


IndustryX:  Center for Operational Excellence and Resilience.  The university’s hub for all things I4.0.  (


Cyber Security Professional Development at ATEC's Cyber Range (


Knowledge on Demand Programming - short noncredit courses (, including:

  • Advanced Battery Systems

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Autonomous Systems

  • Autonomous Vehicles

  • Gaming Coding

  • Cryptocurrency

  • Data Science


Full scale business consulting and training from all 350+ disciplines through Executive and Professional Development (

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