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Innovators are essential, where the real magic starts with an idea. In order to stoke that creative mindset, these unique people need space and resources to get their ideas off the ground to someday, make our world a better place to live. 

Macomb County partners focus on providing that space to grow through research & development focused on technology, labs, testing and much more.

Automation Alley

With the advent of Industry 4.0, industrial technologies have begun to change at an exponential pace. Automation Alley's innovative R&D program is dedicated to making sure our members are ahead of the curve.

Tip of the Spear
In a non-linear world where tech is changing rapidly, proper research should be the tip of the spear for any initiative. Our R&D seeks to arm you with the knowledge you'll need to stay ahead of the competition. Spending a little time up front can let you know if emerging technologies will be affecting your bottom line in years, or just months.

Make Decisions with Confidence
When looking into new initiatives, it's a common practice to hire a consulting firm to help design an implementation strategy. However, one of the defining aspects of Industry 4.0 is the need to rapidly implement technology and software with no precedence in the field.

Rather than betting solely on knowledge from the field, our innovative R&D program will pair you with both industry leaders, and academics from the top of their field. With years of practical experience as well as the latest research and theories, you'll be able to make informed, confident decisions.

Stay Ahead of the Curve
Often the integration of new technologies is considered too high-risk for implementation or investment, but with the increasing speed of development, this classic approach can leave you at a disadvantage. Our program is designed to let you know which emerging technologies are reaching imminent application, and we'll be there to help guide you through each step from concept to implementation.

Wayne State University (WSU)

To move research ideas and technologies, Wayne State seeks and encourages industry collaborations. WSU has a long history of working with the private sector to take research out of their laboratories and into the commercial marketplace.  In working with industry, the incubation and advancement of ideas and technologies along the innovation and commercialization continuum may take several different paths as illustrated by the following examples.

  • Research projects in collaboration with an industry sponsor

  • Licensing agreements with entities in the public or private sector

  • Clinical trials to evaluate new devices, pharmaceuticals and medical services

  • Establishment of start up companies that take advantage of university intellectual property

  • Industry access to university incubator space and/or specific instrumentation, techniques and subject matter expertise for testing or analytics

  • Consulting by faculty and staff

  • Student engagement as interns or in the context of specific courses such as Capstone projects 

  • Philanthropy


In welcoming such opportunities with the private sector, Wayne State University needs to ensure that they be aligned with their academic mission as a public research university, and any relevant institutional policies.  To meet these broad objectives, WSU has established a rich ecosystem that touches upon all of these different goals and provides various mechanisms for public-private initiatives involving research and technology development.

TechTown Detroit

TechTown is where Detroit’s entrepreneurial community converges and offers the right space for you to innovate effectively

Stay connected to the TechTown community and enjoy affordable rates for part-time Co-working memberships. With options for 2 days/week, 3 days/week and 5 days/week, you can keep all the benefits of Co-working with a schedule that meets your needs. Reconfigured Co-working spaces and common areas allow for physical distancing, and dedicated desk divider panels and single-use desk mats help our coworkers maintain safe workspaces. Co-working members enjoy a full suite of amenities including meeting rooms, printers, mailboxes and free parking. 

Private Offices  
Get all the perks of a Co-working community with the privacy and convenience of your own personal office. We’ve added new private offices available for short-term (3 months) and long-term leasing. Enjoy a full suite of amenities including meeting rooms, printers, mailboxes and free parking. 

Office Suites and Lab Space 
Add your business to our community of high-tech enterprises, innovative small businesses, and nonprofit and social impact organizations. Private office suites and lab spaces allow you to personalize the space to fit your team and your work. Our tenants enjoy a staffed front desk, access to meeting space and free parking. 

Workspace Inquiry


Project Diamond

Manufacturing needs innovation

Born from the COVID-19 pandemic, Project DIAMOnD (Distributed Independent and Agile Manufacturing On Demand) will transform traditional supply chains and marketplace business models, creating a network that will manage itself and deliver benefit to all. It all begins by creating the country’s largest distributed 3D printing network operating a blockchain technology platform.

Connect industry with innovation

Project DIAMOnD manufacturers have the capabilities, expertise and support of the entire network to produce a variety of high-quality products. The network enables manufacturers to link together to fulfill larger orders at competitive prices with a diverse and flexible supply chain.

Rebuild the future of manufacturing

Project DIAMOnD has spurred the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies across Michigan’s manufacturing landscape, in a variety of industries. This has led to the largest open, distributed and decentralized marketplace in the country, with a focus on quality, efficiency, and flexibility.

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