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It is a fact that labor shortages persist in the United States in a variety of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields. 

It is becoming increasingly more important for organizations to engage with schools at the K-12 level exploring opportunities available to invest in the future of their workforce which in turn will prepare your company for the digital industrial transformation.


Here in Macomb County, we have several opportunities available to assist your organization fuel the future talent pipeline.

Fueling The Talent Pipeline

The ability for a community to retain and attract businesses that offer quality jobs for residents is dependent on the pool of available talent. Investing in the next generation of our workforce is an efficient way to fuel the talent pipeline while helping our young people discover careers that best match their interests and abilities.

Today's students need to be prepared for tomorrow's opportunities. A growing segment is for New Collar Workers. These jobs are somewhere in the middle of professional careers and trade work, meaning they combine technical skills with a knowledge base rooted in higher education. These are entirely new roles in areas such a cybersecurity, data science, and artificial intelligence — the server technicians, database managers, and other assorted IT roles.

Macomb County is actively engaged with many partners to develop and support initiatives that expose students to these types of career possibilities and point them to educational pathways that lead to meaningful employment.

Macomb County actively supports the following programs . Click on each to learn more about the program and how your business can get involved.

Macomb Engage

The Macomb Intermediate School District is committed to providing students, educators, parents, and business partners the opportunity to explore and connect with the many career opportunities available in Macomb County.


The goal is to ensure students are college and career ready and are confident with their next steps when they graduate high school.

Macomb Engage is a collaborative effort committed to supporting a student’s career development journey by providing a communication network and work based learning opportunities that are mutually beneficial for students and employers.

Wayne State University (WSU)​

Engineering K-12 outreach focuses on the use of the college's resources in order to provide a foundation for future engineers. Partnerships focus on collaborative interactions with community partners for the exchange, exploration and application of knowledge, information and resources. 


Some major initiatives in this area are the engineering and computer summer camps, Future Society of Women Engineers events, the Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program (DAPCEP) and the high school dual enrollment program.


From developing new venues, new tools and new teaching techniques, LIFT’s competency-based, technology-infused talent development program is redefining manufacturing education.

LIFT is a public-private-partnership between government, industry and academia, connecting needs, ideas and people. We connect organizations to move the needle and drive American manufacturing into the future.

Macomb Community College (Macomb CC)​

If you live in Macomb County, chances are your life is touched by Macomb Community College every day. You will find our alumni in your doctor’s and veterinarian’s offices, police and fire departments, business and industry, as well as in Macomb’s own classrooms and offices. What draws our alumni back “home” is a mission that encompasses education, enrichment and economic development, making Macomb a major contributor to the community’s overall quality of life.

Macomb at a Glance:

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